Political affray in Malaysia (uncensored)

The Malaysian Government has censored 4 lines of this article that was recently published in The Economist. Here is the full uncensored version. This goes to show that the Malaysian Government is powerless against the Internet. Here is the link:-

Political Affray in Malaysia: Taken to the Cleaners (Uncensored)


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One response to “Political affray in Malaysia (uncensored)

  1. matthias

    UNMO living up to its usual tricks. a guy from the church i grew up in-Proddy- was a political scientist who wrote a book on Malaysian politics -whilst teaching at a university in KL. I still can see the copy of the book in my parents library. When it came to the then PM he had to eb very circumspect as he valued his job -and he wanted to get back to see his Malaysian fiance

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