Reflection for the Sunday before the Feast of the Holy Cross

A short 300-word reflection that I have been requested to write for our parish newsletter – CollinImage

I am convinced that the Cross of Christ is the most feared religious symbol of contemporary society. The Cross of Christ has become too much to handle even for us; that we Christians shy away from the Cross, which is the very sign and symbol of our salvation. I am not suggesting that we are ashamed of our Christian faith or about Christ Himself, but we forget the most essential part of how we got to Christ in the first place: The Cross. Could it be because of the violence involved, or is it because crucifixion is a cruel and degrading?

Whatever our reasons are, we in contemporary society are slowly compromising Jesus Christ and His Cross for a “do-good, feel-good” religious belief that has no reference to Jesus Christ, His Holy Cross, or even His Holy Gospel as its foundation. Worse still, we who are ashamed of the Cross and our redemption are the same people that proudly hang Crosses or crucifixes in our homes, Cross ourselves during prayer and the Liturgy, or even wear the Cross around our necks!

However, the Cross is not an ornament, a decoration, or a fashion accessory. To an anonymous 2nd century author, this is his story of the Cross:-

“When I am overtaken by the fear of God, the Cross is my protection; when I stumble, it is my help and my support; when I engage in combat, my prize; when I conquer, my crown. The Cross for me is a narrow path, a narrow way, which angels ascend and descend, at the top of which the Lord is to be found”.

In preparation for the Feast of the Holy Cross this Friday, there is just one question for us: Have I walked away from the Cross that brought my Saviour to me? 


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