About Collin Michael Nunis

Once a musician, Collin Michael Nunis is currently a software developer currently working in the financial services sector. He lives with his wife Agnieszka in Melbourne, Australia and is currently completing graduate theological studies with the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio. He enjoys reading, thinking, and conversation, cooking, coding up software applications for simple tasks, or simply playing a blues jam track in the background; pretending as if he’s Stevie Ray Vaughan or B.B. King (He does not do air-guitar).

On most Sundays, Collin serves passionately as subdeacon at his beloved parish, St. Joseph’s Melkite Catholic Church in the Melbourne suburb of Fairfield. He earnestly asks you to pray for his vocation and continued service to the Lord.


2 responses to “About Collin Michael Nunis

  1. On your recent OrthodoxPsalm entry you made a comment about “blessing” & “ordination.” Please explain to me privately at my email address.

    • cmnunis

      Hi Fr. Deacon Sergius,

      to elaborate, many people confuse “cheirotesia” with the word “blessing” when it is in fact, a form of ordination; though minor. While it doesn’t impart the same grace as “cheirotonia” would, it should be an ordination. However, on my statikon, it says that I was “blessed” to the subdiaconate. I am personally confused but if this is the decision of my local jurisdiction, I will just take it as it is for now.

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