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Reflection for the Sunday before the Feast of the Holy Cross

A short 300-word reflection that I have been requested to write for our parish newsletter – CollinImage

I am convinced that the Cross of Christ is the most feared religious symbol of contemporary society. The Cross of Christ has become too much to handle even for us; that we Christians shy away from the Cross, which is the very sign and symbol of our salvation. I am not suggesting that we are ashamed of our Christian faith or about Christ Himself, but we forget the most essential part of how we got to Christ in the first place: The Cross. Could it be because of the violence involved, or is it because crucifixion is a cruel and degrading?

Whatever our reasons are, we in contemporary society are slowly compromising Jesus Christ and His Cross for a “do-good, feel-good” religious belief that has no reference to Jesus Christ, His Holy Cross, or even His Holy Gospel as its foundation. Worse still, we who are ashamed of the Cross and our redemption are the same people that proudly hang Crosses or crucifixes in our homes, Cross ourselves during prayer and the Liturgy, or even wear the Cross around our necks!

However, the Cross is not an ornament, a decoration, or a fashion accessory. To an anonymous 2nd century author, this is his story of the Cross:-

“When I am overtaken by the fear of God, the Cross is my protection; when I stumble, it is my help and my support; when I engage in combat, my prize; when I conquer, my crown. The Cross for me is a narrow path, a narrow way, which angels ascend and descend, at the top of which the Lord is to be found”.

In preparation for the Feast of the Holy Cross this Friday, there is just one question for us: Have I walked away from the Cross that brought my Saviour to me? 


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Which Catholics, Nancy???

I found this on Fr. Z’s blog today, and honestly, I am pretty shocked.

If I were her bishop(s), I’d just excommunicate her. There is no reasoning needed with these people sometimes.

Canon Law aside, which Christian advocates murder in its lowest form like this?

Read more here at:- “I am going to stick with fellow Catholics” – Nancy Pelosi

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Political affray in Malaysia (uncensored)

The Malaysian Government has censored 4 lines of this article that was recently published in The Economist. Here is the full uncensored version. This goes to show that the Malaysian Government is powerless against the Internet. Here is the link:-

Political Affray in Malaysia: Taken to the Cleaners (Uncensored)

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Philokalia Thought#1 – On Repentance

“Take care never to receive Communion while you have anything against anyone, even if this is only a hostile thought. Not until you have brought about reconciliation through repentance should you communicate. But you will learn this, too, through prayer” – St. Symeon the New Theologian

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Latest Song – One Way Trip

From the great musicians of NVMSI, here’s our latest offering. More to come. 😉

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Naked Viking Meets Sunshine Indian (feat. Collin Nunis on guitar)

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to in my free time, here is your answer. And oh, yours truly is playing the guitar on this track and in the video. Check out the solo halfway onwards. 😉

This is a good break from my traditional musical tastes.


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My Hometown in the News

14 years ago, my parents decided to move the family from the satellite city of Petaling Jaya, to the small and then-rural town of Rawang. This town was about 35 minutes away from the capital of Kuala Lumpur, and about 45 minutes from where I previously lived. My mom had taken up a new job and given that, dad had decided to buy a house there, seeing that it wouldn’t cost him much to travel to the port city of Klang. (PS: It is now, but he’s not complaining).

It was not an easy move, but granted, I settled in eventually – new friends, new parish community (St. Jude’s), and new activities. Now that we were away from the urban areas, we were definitely getting into community life, amongst other things. Of course, I still had my fair share of mischief and pranks, but I learnt many new things here, and it was also where I grew deeper in my faith. Nonetheless, thats not the issue at hand.

So, why my nostalgic moments today, you might ask? The links below might have an answer. I’ll give you clue: I went to school there before, and the places in the pictures were the same places where I once walked. Urbanisation wasn’t done very well in this regard, and this is definitely not the place I used to know. Of course, I’m not saying that we didn’t have all these before, granted that we had the cops come to the school off and on, but this is really something new and out of this world.

My thoughts and prayers for those affected, and of course, for my townsfolk who still have a future ahead of them: I feel for you.


School of Terror

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